A Level Sociology Year 1 Annual



Sociology is the study of society, exploring how beliefs and behaviour are shaped by the world around us.  It is a rigorous academic subject requiring good language and reasoning skills.  It involves using specialist vocabulary with the aim of interrogating how human interaction is organised and how and why humans interact in the way that they do.  It is a social science and as such, uses an evidence-based approach requiring the ability to recall data and sociological studies to support arguments made.

AS Sociology or Full Course Sociology A Level gaining UCAS points.
2 90 minute exams at the end of year 1 for the AS qualification
3x 2 hour exams at the end of year 2 for the full A Level qualification

You will take your exam as a private candidate at your school or private exam centre, there is a small separate charge by the exam centre for this.

This Sociology A Level is taught by experienced teachers via live lessons and marked assignments with feedback all teacher have examining experience in A Level Sociology


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