A Level Economics Year 1 Annual



Economics is an entry-point for students into the adult world. It offers an opportunity to discover the meaning of mysterious terms such as inflation, quantitative easing and money supply, to acquire the tools to understand events such as the Global Financial Crisis and Brexit and to start to form your own opinions about government policy in key areas of the economy. Along the way you will develop the skills of analysis, to be able to explain cause and effect between variables, and evaluation where judgements are reached about the advantages and disadvantages of courses of policy action.

AS Economics or Full Course Economics A Level gaining UCAS points.
2 90 minute exams at the end of year 1 for the AS qualification
3x 2 hour exams at the end of year 2 for the full A Level qualification

You will take your exam as a private candidate at your school or private exam centre, there is a small separate charge by the exam centre for this.

This Economics A Level is taught by experienced teachers via live lessons and marked assignments with feedback all teacher have examining experience in A Level Economics.

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