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Sociology A Level

AQA AS/A Level Sociology


Online Study Guru offers an unrivalled online study program for A levels delvered by experienced teachers with examining experience and proven results in their subject area.

Expert Teachers & Great Results

All teachers are fully qualified with extensive experience delivering A Level Sociology achieving results that consistently place their students in the top 20% national performance.

Live Lessons & Regular Feedback

Students will be scheduled to receive two 90 minute live lessons delivered by zoom to replicate the interactive classroom. Content will be delivered and your questions answered in real time. Weekly assignments will be marked and detailed individual feedback given every half term based on a timed assessment to report on your progress.

Examiner Experience

All teachers are currently or have previously worked as an A Level Sociology Examiner. This means you can trust that the guidance you receive is the best.

Option A

3 hours of live interactive lessons weekly delivered by qualified and highly experienced Teachers with weekly marked assessment.

Class size 15 students Max

Option B

3 hours of live interactive lessons weekly delivered by qualified and highly experienced Teachers with a fortnightly marked assessment.

Class size 40 students Max

Option C

Unlimited access to course resources prepared by qualified and highly experienced teachers. Monthly marked assessment.

No live classes

Course Description

Sociology is the study of society, exploring how beliefs and behaviour are shaped by the world around us.  It is a rigorous academic subject requiring good language and reasoning skills.  It involves using specialist vocabulary with the aim of interrogating how human interaction is organised and how and why humans interact in the way that they do.  It is a social science and as such, uses an evidence-based approach requiring the ability to recall data and sociological studies to support arguments made.

Key concepts covered include:

  •  Education with Theory and Methods

  • Families and Households & Mass Media

  • Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

What can the subject prepare me for?

Students can go on to study a variety of course at University and enter a range of careers such as Law & Criminal Justice, Medicine, Social Work, Education, Civil Service and Journalism.  Recent research shows more Sociology graduates in management positions than any other subject.


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