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AQA A Level Law


Online Study Guru offers an unrivalled online study program for A levels delvered by experienced teachers with examining experience and proven results in their subject area.

Expert Teachers & Great Results

All teachers are fully qualified with extensive experience delivering A Level Law achieving results that consistently place their students in the top 20% national performance.

Live Lessons & Regular Feedback

Students will be scheduled to receive two 90 minute live lessons delivered by zoom to replicate the interactive classroom. Content will be delivered and your questions answered in real time. Weekly assignments will be marked and detailed individual feedback given every half term based on a timed assessment to report on your progress.

Examiner Experience

All teachers are currently or have previously worked as an A Level Law Examiner. This means you can trust that the guidance you receive is the best.

Gain exemptions from Professional Training

A Level Law is the only A Level that provides exemption for professional training. Providing exemptions for 4/7 modules you can save over £1000 on Paralegal/Legal Executive training (CILEX Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law & Practice). Many students in the past have used A Level law to gain work as a Paralegal.

Option A

3 hours of live interactive lessons weekly delivered by qualified and highly experienced Teachers with weekly marked assessment.

Class size 15 students Max

Option B

3 hours of live interactive lessons weekly delivered by qualified and highly experienced Teachers with a fortnightly marked assessment.

Class size 40 students Max

Option C

Unlimited access to course resources prepared by qualified and highly experienced teachers. Monthly marked assessment.

No live classes

Course Description

We follow the AQA specification in A Level Law. The aim of this course is to provide a practical approach to the study of law enabling learners to be equipped with the legal knowledge, understanding and legal skills they need to prepare them for legal employment or university. Each year at least 1/3 of our A Level Law Students go on to study a law degree at highly regarded universities such as Kings College, Oxford, East Anglia, Warwick and more.  Some students take advantage of the practical opportunities and qualification exemption to undertake legal apprenticeships to train to be a Legal Executive. A significant number of ex-students are now beginning their training to become a Solicitor/Barrister or have already qualified.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Nature of law and The English Legal System
  • Criminal Law
  • Tort Law
  •  Contract Law or Human Rights Law

What can the subject prepare me for?

The A Level Law course is designed to appeal to students interested in Law.  Progression opportunities will be into Higher Education or into employment.  A significant number of students of this course go onto study Law at university and  later use the skills developed to get training contracts and mini pupillages or Legal apprenticeships to train to become a qualified legal professional.

A Level Law is the only qualification that provides exemption for Professional training. (This means Students becoming Paralegals or legal executives will not have to complete 4/7 knowledge based modules of the CILEX Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law & Practice to obtain the saving over £1000. Passing A Level law at C or above gives you an additional qualification gaining UCAS points whilst providing exemptions to the following modules:

Introduction to Law & Practice (Currently £345)

Contract Law (Currently £410)

Criminal Law (Currently £410)

Law of Tort (Currently £410) 

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Trusted by

Contrary to urban myth and ill-informed advice you may have had from teachers and Sixth Forms that are unable to offer A Level Law.  A Level law is accepted by all universities, this is what some Russell Group Universities have to say about A Level Law.

A Level Law
“While we are aware of the perception by some that studying Law at A-level might be considered a ‘negative’, we are somewhat puzzled by this. The clear view taken here in Cambridge on Law at A-level is a ‘neutral’ one. So taking Law as an A-level subject does not put students at a disadvantage for admission to read law at Cambridge, nor does it provide an advantage.”
Is A Level Law a Soft Subject
"There is no ideal A-level subject combination for students hoping to study law at LSE… We do require that applicants take at least two ‘traditional’ A-levels, and A-level law is considered as one of these."
A Level Law accepted by Universities
“We too frequently come across these [negative] views regarding law A-level. The view of this School is that A-level law is not a positive advantage for student intending to read law at university, but equally it is not a disadvantage. We are very happy to accept, and do accept, applications from candidates offering A-level law as one of their qualifications.”
Should I study A Level Law
“About eight years ago, we drew up a list of preferred A-levels: Law was on that list. We now no longer have a list of preferred A-levels – beyond not including general studies and critical thinking – as we ask for AAB [grades]. Many of our students do have Law A level. On balance, as long as students arrive at university realising that the A-level does not mean they don’t have to study hard during their undergraduate degree, the study of A-level Law is a positive step. The people that do it are far less likely to drop out during the course of their studies because they know what studying Law is like. That said, students do not need to have studied A-level Law in order to undertake our LLB.”

Course Content

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Paper 1: Criminal Law & English Legal System
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Paper 2: Law of Torts and Law Making
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