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A Level Further MAth

Edexcel A Level Further Maths

Features of our Online Further Maths A Level Course

Online Study Guru offers an unrivalled online study program for A levels delvered by experienced teachers with examining experience and proven results in their subject area.

Expert Teachers & Great Results

All teachers are fully qualified with extensive experience delivering A Level Further Maths achieving results that consistently place their students in the top 20% national performance.

Live Lessons & Regular Feedback

Students will be scheduled to receive two 90 minute live lessons delivered by zoom to replicate the interactive classroom. Content will be delivered and your questions answered in real time. Weekly assignments will be marked and detailed individual feedback given every half term based on a timed assessment to report on your progress.

Examiner Experience

All teachers are currently or have previously worked as an A Level Further Maths Examiner. This means you can trust that the guidance you receive is the best.

Option A

3 hours of live interactive lessons weekly delivered by qualified and highly experienced Teachers with weekly marked assessment.

Class size 15 students Max

Option B

3 hours of live interactive lessons weekly delivered by qualified and highly experienced Teachers with a fortnightly marked assessment.

Class size 40 students Max

Option C

Unlimited access to course resources prepared by qualified and highly experienced teachers. Monthly marked assessment.

No live classes

Online Further Maths A Level Course Description

Students taking Further Mathematics overwhelmingly find it to be an enjoyable, rewarding, stimulating and empowering experience.  For someone who enjoys mathematics it provides a challenge and a chance to explore new and/or more sophisticated mathematical concepts.


We teach the Edexcel specification which is made up of four components:


The Further Pure mathematics components of the course cover the following topics: Proof, Complex numbers, Matrices, Further algebra and functions, Further calculus, Further vectors, Polar coordinates, Hyperbolic functions, and Differential equations

The two optional components will be chosen from: Further Pure mathematics 3, Further  Statistics, Further Mechanics, or Decision Mathematics

Online Further Maths A Level Key concepts covered include:

Four 1 ½ hour exams at the end of the 2-year course:


Paper 1: Further Pure Mathematics 1


Paper 2: Further Pure Mathematics 2


Paper 3: Further Mathematics Option 1


Paper 4: Further Mathematics Option 2


What can the subject prepare me for?

Students who study Mathematics at A level often go on to pursue a wide range of careers. There are the obvious ones, e.g. careers in Mathematics, Medicine, Engineering, Sciences (of all types: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Bio-Chemistry etc.). Other options include Actuarial Finance, Accountancy, Computing, Statistics, Economics etc. However regardless of what career you pursue, an A level in Mathematics tells future employers that you have the ability to succeed at a challenging subject, and that you have many life skills, such as logical thinking, tenacity, a high work ethic, the ability to absorb, condense and logically present vast amounts of information that are transferable to any facet of life.

Further Mathematics qualifications are prestigious and are strongly welcomed by universities.  Students that study Further Mathematics are really demonstrating a strong commitment to their studies, as well as learning mathematics that is very useful for any maths-related degree (this covers a very wide range of academic areas – engineering, sciences, computing, finance/economics, etc. as well as mathematics itself).

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