Why work with us?

Online Study Guru was forged from dissatisfaction with the current education system towards pupils and teachers.  We believe teachers are the key to success and that students from all backgrounds and areas should be able to have access to the best teachers.

Teachers have had to learn the psychology of learning and have years of experience helping hundreds of students therefore they are better placed to provide tuition to enhance progress as opposed to university graduates or professionals who have knoweldge of the subject but not the techniques to guide students to learn and embed that knowledge to effectively retrieve the relevant knoweldge to apply in an examination situation to achieve top marks.

It is for this reason that we believe that qualified and experienced teachers with examining experience provide the highest quality of tuition and are able to direct learning as opposed to just supporting learning like many tuition agencies and websites offering undergraduates, students, retired academics and others as tutors do. 

We  are looking for enthusiastic, experienced specialists with a love for teaching & helping students make progress, matched with a love for their subject evidenced through examining experience.

For each class you will be expected to teach 3 live lessons through an online platform and provide feedback on weekly or fortnightly set assessments for each student, deliver a 2 hour Q & A workshop tutorial every fortnight and be available to answer student queries by email or in the course forum.

Staff Benefits

If successful, you will be contracted to work with us on a self-employed basis, which means you will need to submit a tax self assessment each year, in the same way as you would do as an examiner.  It also means that you can claim back expenses and receive a deduction of tax for ancillary costs related to this contract such as the cost of IT equipment.

The average rate of pay is £40ph but can be higher depending on whether you want to take on additional responsibilities such as overseeing the subject area. This means that you can earn £160pw for each class you deliver.

Payment is made at the end of every half term in lieu, the pay dates for academic year 2020/2021 are:

16/10  (7 weeks)  £1120 per class

15/12  (6 weeks) £960 per class

12/2 (6 weeks) £960 per class

1/4 (5 weeks) £800 per class

28/5 (6 weeks) £960 per class

2/7 (4 weeks) £640 per class

There is no limit to the number of classes you wish to take, and there is the opportunity to increase your earnings further by making yourself available for 1-1 support starting at £40ph.

Benefits of working with us

Ability to work from home in a comfortable environment, and take control of your time and earnings.

Work with an enthusiastic and energetic team committed to improving the life chances of young people

Pedagogical development is available through a comprehensive CPD programme focusing on effective remote teaching & learning.

We appreciate and value your time and effort. This approach ensures your subject delivery will not be impaired by disruptive behaviours enabling maximum learning to take place

Hiring Criteria

Minimum of 2 years Experience

You must have at least 2 years experience with QTS.

Examining Experience

You should have some experience examining in the subject you will be delivering

Great Results

You need to able to evidence class results that place them in the top 25% nationally for your course

Engaging Personality

Know how to interact with and engage students


You can create & adapt resources to engage and support students

Computer Literate

You are familiar with or prepared to learn remote teaching.

How do I Apply?

We are receiving lots of applications at the moment so please bear with us while we process your applications, the application process is detailed below.

Admissions Process

Online Application Form

Personal details, qualifications, teching experience & results, a short personal statement and 2 referees.

20 minute Online Interview

3 Formal questions and a 5 minute pre-prepared lesson planned around a past-paper question sent in advance.

References & DBS Check

At this stage we will require proof of ID (Passport/Driving Licence), and proof of address within past 3 months.


If successful you will be contracted to work with us. Prior to being assigned any classes you will undertake 2 training sessions, one of which is by Educare covering covering:  

Safeguarding Young People; Online Safety; Child Protection in Education; First Aid Essentials; The Prevent Duty;  Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People; A Practical Guide to the GDPR and in Education.

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