Online Study Guru was created to provide affordable expert additional support to help students achieve the best results in their exams.

Set up by educators with over 10 years experience working as Teachers and Leaders in Secondary schools (both State and Private), Sixth Form Colleges, in addition to being a Private Tutors and Examiners. These years of experience across the spectrum of the education sector in the UK give a unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the current system: Online Study Guru seeks to address some of the weaknesses.

Despite Government assurances of an increased education budget the reality of a lack of finances for schools is unfortunately becoming ever more apparent. This is resulting in teachers having to prepare more lessons, have class sizes increased which means less time spent to individualise learning for your child and less opportunity to provide individual support. This is impacted further by the compulsory school age being increased to 18, this has directly led to an increase in KS5 class sizes and increased behaviour issues in KS5 classes due to disaffected students forced to continue on courses they don’t want to do. These have had a direct negative impact on the education of student’s who want to progress and do their best with the support they deserve.

It has been reported that 42% of 11-16 year old state students in London have benefited from private tuition and 25% of all school age students take regular tuition after school (https://www.suttontrust.com/our-research/shadowschooling-private-tuition-social-mobility/), this shows a hidden aspect to the education system and league tables, they do not indicate how many students at a high performing school have had private tuition. Were the results as a result of the learning in class or the extra support after school?

Small group tuition and intervention has been proven through academic research to be an effective way to enhance progress in a more cost effective way than 1-1 tuition, our approach is to make small group tuition as accessible as possible whilst not compromising on the quality and effectiveness of learning taking place.

We have high expectations and screen all our teachers well, requiring evidence of performance in the top 25% of the country in the examined course, making sure we instruct only the very best to deliver our courses, research shows that the quality of teaching is a key determinator in progress.

Sometimes study options are not available at school or you may want your child to take a course earlier, we try to offer options that due to finances are not readily in schools such as GCSE Psychology and A Level Law, both highly popular courses at any school when offered.

If there is a GCSE or A Level subject that you would like to study but cannot see it available please get in touch.




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